Raining love

Every night I wait for rain
Wishing that it will pour again
I love the rain and so does she
And the answer to why is no mystery

It was rain that made us meet
With a modest smile and a joyful greet
It was rain that brought us close
Raining days made me want her more

It was rain that poured divine
It was rain that made her mine
It was raining when we first loved
I loved her always but never judged
She loved me too; more everyday
Until she went very far away
I love the rain because on that day
‘Twas the rain that washed my tears away

I love her still and so does she
I love her still in my memory
And she comes to me every rainy night
From up above; the heaven’s light

I am old and yet here I wait
For rain to open the heaven’s gate
My love isn’t dead and she’ll never be
She’ll always be living in my memories

And tonight’s no different; I’m waiting still
It will surely rain tonight; or so i feel
I wait for rain to fall from the sky
And I’ll be waiting still until I die


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