Many people believe that true love happens once and only once in a person’s life. But as a friend of mine always says, I’m Mr.Opposite and so I think differently. I believe true love happens more than just once.

I strongly believe that there is no perfect person out there for you. But there are many people who are close to the perfect type of person you are looking for. It’s when we start to ignore the flaws of the person that we develop the feeling they are perfect for us. I have seen my friends in  relationships and I can say that you think differently when you are in love. When you love a person you don’t care about the bad qualities they have even if there are many. But if you don’t like the person, you start pointing to the bad qualities of the person even if there are a few ignoring the many good qualities.

If we love somebody and by any reason we lose them, we use up (and here I don’t say waste) all out time thinking about that person or crying over them, feeling sad for them. Here we forget that if they loved us too they would want us to be happy. And if they didn’t love us at all, there’s no crying over what you can never have, is there? I never say being sad at the loss of a loved one is bad. But we must learn to move on and find someone else who will be able to fill the emptyness we have inside.

I’ve heard people say,”She’s the only gal for me” or “He’s the only guy for me”. I strongly disagree to that point of view. Lets look at it this way. If you erase that person from the world (like s/he was not even born), would the lover not find someone else to love? Its just that we start to develop a feeling for a person which we think we can never develop for someone else.

I’m not telling you that there are people better than your partner. I’m saying that if by any chance you lose someone you love, you can find someone to replace much (not all) of the emptyness they leave behind. You must learn that if they love you, the will be happy when you are happy. And there are many people in the world who can make you feel happy and satisfied.

I don’t expect you to agree or decline to what I’ve just said. Every person thinks different and they have the sole right to judge and have their own point of view. But I just want to point out that “Even though it’s almost impossible to replace someone we loved and lost, its best if we gave it a try”. What do we have to lose, right?


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  1. Whatever you have said is correct. I agree with you but that is not 100% if u think if s/he wouldn’t have born then u’ll find himself herself in your life but in another face another get up. My dear friend you have heard that the couple is made not by us but by the God himself. so love and couple is made not by us by the power, devine power,the ulmighty God!!!!!!!!!
    But I like your post. Keep on going so on.

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