Living Death

In the mahabharat, there is a scene where Yakshya asks Yudhisthir a series of questions out of which there is a question I like the most. “What is the most wonderful thing in life?” to which he replies,”Man is mortal. We know we are going to die one day and yet we live as if we are going to live forever. What could be more wonderful than that?”


This saying has been through my ears hundred-a-times but it never struck me as it has over a few days. Our life is short and we spend much of the time wasting it. There’s a question that I am always afraid to ask myself:”What have you achieved in the 20 years of life you have lived?” and the answer is always blank.


Ask yourself the same question. Have you made life meaningful in the span of time you have been living? What have you done that is proof that you have achieved something in life? What makes you think you have lived your life to the fullest? Are you living your life or is it just living death?


You say that you have made a career in your life. So what? Everybody has a career in life. Even a beggar earns enough to get on with his life. But money is not the real matter. I ask you:”How much time do you spend each day enjoying life for what it really is?”


You say that you have made friends. I say that even the most pathetic person on earth has “friends”. The question is How can you say that the friends you have made are true? How many can you name who will be sorry for your death instead of just shedding crocodile tears?


You say you are a learned person. You say you have experience. How many of these experiences have been worthwhile? How will you describe the years which have already passed in your life? Is it just an illusion of happiness? Can you achieve more?


Enough of what others say. Just look at what you have suffered over the years and the things you have not stood upto. Just look back at everything you could have done that would have made you happy. Many of these decisions may still be open but the gates of our hearts and minds are closed by fear.


You have lived your life the way others have wanted you to live. Count in your soul, honestly, the number of times you have stood up to the world and made better of yourself to it. And count the number of times you had the opportunity but you didn’t take it.


I don’t say “live everyday like it is your last” because there is always a tomorrow. I’m just saying “Why wait to do something tomorrow which can be done now?”. So, I want you to go inside yourself and ask:“Am I living a life thats worthwhile? Or am i just in a state of living death?”



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