How will she react when I tell her this? What will she do when she hears that I love her? Will she admit her love for me too? But I don’t really know if she loves me too. I mean she’s nice to me. But she’s nice to everyone else too. She loves talking to me but she is a very social person. What if she only sees me “as a friend”? What if my feelings for her are just one-sided? What if she has never thought about me in that way? Let’s face the truth: She’s the most amazing girl in the whole world and I’m just a nobody. Why would she (or anyone else for that matter) love me in the first place? But the biggest fear is: What if she stops talking to me after I tell her? What if she denies and then it becomes awkward to talk with each other. NO. That can’t happen. But what if it can? What if she starts ignoring me and slowly fades out of my life? Life would be so lonely without her. They all say I can find someone else. But what do they know? They’re not the one in love with her. But what if she is just waiting for me to tell her? She always smiles at me when I look at her. Is that a sign of some sort? What if the love is two-sided but just unexpressed? I have to tell her before its too late…. But Am I good enough for her? Can I really keep her happy? She’s had boyfriends before and all of whom were way cooler than I can ever be. But she did say that she wanted someone who could understand her. And who could be better at it than me? But what if she just laughs it up? I joke around her all the time. What if she thinks it’s just a big joke? What if she has feelings for someone else just the same as I have for her? But there is a probability that she loves me too. I mean I am a good person, aren’t I? I am happy when I’m around her and so is she. And the best part is that I love her. But what if she never looked at me in that way? I’d be just making a fool of myself and losing a very good friend. I want her to be close to me always; but I don’t want that to be the reason for me losing her. And What if…..


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