Wow.. Even the sound of the word is enough to excite some people. But today I am just here to tell you a little about love. I first wrote this essay as a punishment frm my english teacher for not bringing one of my books to college. We all know what love is but nobody can define it. So, I wont waste my time in defining it too.Here in this essay I am going to describe the forms of love that I have seen(my friends) and experienced over my lifetime(and here I point out that I am just an 18 year old boy with very less experience in life).Here I talk about a love felt by a person towards the other sex after he/she reaches a specific age in life.(consider A and B to be two normal persons of different sex in my examples)

The reason we give our heart to someone else is because it does not quiet fit our chest. It’s meant for someone else. So, we search for someone to whom the heart fits exactly and whose heart also fits into ours.

The first type of love I’d like to talk about is what I call “mutual love”. Its the rarest but the most popular type of love seen on earth. Here, two people like each other physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is a very close relationship between the couple in this type of relationship. Trust binds the relationship together and its very hard to break. Anyone who finds this type of love is considered to be very lucky. here A loves B as much as(or more than) B loves A. They love each other in all aspects I mentioned above. Then thats mutual love.

You love me one; I love you two

I love the feeling of loving you too

I dont know why but it feels so true

I dont know why but I love you

The second type of love I’d like to talk about is not really love(at least I dont think so). I call it “lust”. It differs much from the first type of love I mentioned because it is purely a physical attraction between the partners. Its the most common and disturbing image of love. People just love the person because they are physically and socially satisfied with the partner(and here I point that lust can change to LOVE but with much hard work). These relations break easily and turn Bad even over a small fight or misunderstanding. Here, A loves B just because B has a lot of money, s/he is famous or powerful in the society or s/he just looks good.

I love you coz you’re richer than me

In you, there’s nothing more I can see

I love you just because you look good

I find no other reason why I should

The third type of love is what i like to call “one sided love”. It is clearly defined by its name. Here A falls in love with B but B doesn’t love A(may be because B has another lover or just because A never told B). This is the most pathetic and painful types of love because what A endures, B has hardly any idea about it. These types of love are common among teenagers who seem to be greatly distracted by the attraction of the opposite sex. This type of love hardly turns into mutual love and mostly results in a heartbreak.

I loved you once you loved me not

I loved you twice but you forgot

You dont love me and you never will

But I dont care because I love you still

The last type of love I’d like to discuss about is what I call “crush”. Its when you think you are in love with someone but after you come close to that person, you realise that it is not true. Here, A loves B. But when B starts to “go out”(or respond to) A, A finds out that its just a simple attraction and nothing more than that. This love mostly happens when people say they are in “Love at first sight” or when they are “Online Dating” or when they are greatly impressed by a person in a short span of time. This can be also changed into mutual love with a little bit of hard work and understanding.

I thought I was in deeply love with you

But now I’ve come to know its not true

It seems like I loved you till yesterday

But the same love has vanished away

These are all the types of love I’ve seen so far. I draw no conclusions from what I wrote and I expect you to do the same. And here I leave you wondering which catagory of love is yours and figuring out new classes of love.

Loving you too much was my only crime

I was punished for trying to make you mine

I wish I could get out of this prison again

And be a criminal one more time


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