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Dedicated to some1 close to my heart


She talked to me with the sweetest smile

But I was wondering all the while

And she laughed while she talked to me

But sadness was all that I could see


I could see her laughing with joyful eyes

But I heard no laughs; Only cries

She lifted her finger and brushed her hair

And I could see her eyes, full of dispair.


And I doubt she knew that I knew too

That her heart was broken through and through

And the more she tried to hide the fact

The more I knew that it was an act


And I dont know what was the cause of this

But I know now, what the problem is

And I will try until the day I go insane

To join back her heart once more again


Because I want to see a smile in her smile

I want to see her happy once in a while

To cleanse her soul of the scar she has

And make her remember how innocent she was


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