In Class

I sat there in the class looking blankly at the whiteboard. I hadn’t understood a thing the teacher had taught and the diagram she was making was so confusing.I looked around to see what others were doing. The backbenchers, as usual, were busy talking, making fun of the teacher and laughing it off. The one’s in the front were busy copy Sachin was busying the diagram the teacher was drawing. Sachin was busy chatting on the internet with his mobile phone while Rahul and Samjhana were busy flirting.

The teacher stopped her hand. It seemed she had finished the drawing. It was a complex diagram of a four bit synchronous counter. She turned around and asked,”Understood?” The whole class became silent for a while. I didn’t have any idea what she had made on board but i quickly started copying it on my notebook like many others. Then Bikram poked me from the side and asked-“Hey! Where does this wire connect?” I looked at his drawing and then the teacher’s. They looked the same. Where did the extra wire come from?

I said ” I donno. Just join it here.”

“But if you join it here , the counter won’t work.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do. You ask the teacher.”

“Why should I? Its your question. You ask.”

“But you donno the answer too. So you ask.”

“You ask.”

I shouted the last one a little too loud and the teacher heard.

“What’s the problem Dheeraj? Why are ou shouting?” inquired the teacher.

“Uh.. M.. M’am.. Bikram wants to ask a question.”

Hehe. A quick reply which got me out of trouble. Bikram looked at me and I winked back. He had no other choice. He stood up and asked,”M’am.. uhhh… if we join the wire here, how will the counter work?”

I looked around. Everyone was paying close attention, for now. Then the teacher started explaining how the counter works. Half of the things she said went in one of my ears and went out the other. Then she asked,”Did you understand, Bikram?”

“Yes m’am.. Thank you.” was the reply.

Then the teacher turned towards the board and writing again and I took my chance and said,”Good! now teach me how it works.”

“I dont know. I didn’t understand a single word she said.” I looked at him with awe. He looked puzzled.

Then a first bencher stood up and said,”M’am, the drawing on the book is different from your’s. That wire connects to the inputs, not the clocks.”

I couldn’t help notice that the teacher seemed confused herself.”Ah Yes” she said and rubbed the lines and connected them in a different way. As for us, we had to make a new diagram all over again.


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