One day when the sun will shine and I won’t be there

Don’t cry, I will always be in your memories


One day when you find the urge to see me

Watch the moon, My love will shine on you always


One day when people start to ask “Where’s he?”

Don’t speak, Just feel me.. I’ll always be within you


One day when your eyes start to become moist

Dont weep, Just remember all the fights we’ve had


One day when You feel you are close to me

Come closer, I’ll always be there to hold you


One day when you start to doubt your life

Don’t give up, our love lies within you and only you


One day when you remember all the things we did

Wear a smile, Our love is worth more than a few salty drops


One day when everything comes to an end

Come to me….. I’ll always be waiting 4 that ONE DAY


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