(Based on personal experiences)

The perception towards somebody changes the whole idea of his/her actions


When the cool kid climbs a wall, they call him athletic

When I climb a higher wall, they call me a monkey


When the cool kid tries to help someone, they call him kind

When I try to help someone, they call me over smart


When the cool kid says something funny, they laugh with him

When I say something funny, they laugh at me


When the cool kid fails, they call it bad luck

When I fail, they call me a loser


When the cool kid comes first in class, they call him intelligent

When I come first in class, they call me a geek


When the cool kid skips class, they call him cool

When I skip class, they call the teacher


When the cool kid speaks trash, they call him great

When I speak trash, they call me ill mannered


When the cool kid flirts with a gal, they call it flirting

When I flirt with a gal, they call it harassment


When the cool kid writes a poem, they call it cute

When I write a poem, they call me needy


When the cool kid impresses the teacher, he is a model student

When I impress the teacher, they call me the teacher’s pet


When the cool kid wins a competition, they call him talented

When I win a competition, they call me competition


When the cool kid gets into trouble, they call him a soldier

When I get into trouble, they’re ready with a video camera


When the cool kid falls in love, they expect a great love story

When I fall in love, Well… they don’t expect me to fall in love at all


When the cool kid gets high, they help him get up

When I get high, they help push me down


When the cool kid gives a gal a flower, they call him loving

When I give a gal a flower, she kicks me right on the ouchies


When the cool kid talks about sex, he’s called mature

When I talk about sex, they say “cheeee”


And finally…

When the cool kid smiles, it’s the best thing in the world

And when I smiley, they still call me a mokey


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