Boy: Sneha Singhania… I’ve been in love with this girl since I was in college. She used to sit next to me every day. Not much studious, but for me, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Girl: Ajay Raghav… A boy I used to sit next to in college. Not because I liked him or anything but because he was safe. He never flirted, touched or made bad remarks. Plus, he was kinda cute and he also helped me with my studies.

Boy: I used to help her with her studies. And I donno why but I was “nicer” when I was around her. Not even a single bad remark went off my mouth even for an enemy when I was with her. I’d never told her I loved her. Partly because I knew the answer would be a rejection and it’d get awkward; and also because she always had boyfriends.

Girl: Yea, I knew he loved me, but what was I to do? He wouldn’t say anything and I wasn’t much interested in him either. So, I didn’t think much of it. But sometimes he’d give a creepy look and stare blankly into my eyes. I didn’t know how to react and so I’d just smile.

Boy: I always felt that she loved me too. You know, by the way she’d always save up the seat for me. Also, I couldn’t stop looking into her beautiful eyes, and every time I looked into them, she’d smile back.

Girl: ummmmmmmm… what else? Owh yea… he was quite a forgetful guy. He’d always forget to bring his pen and I’d give him one of mine. I lost a lot of pens that way. And he’d write in a silly kinda way. So confusing.

Boy: I’d always pretend to forget to bring my pen so I could use it. I could smell her even on the pen and that made me write all silly. Well, college finished but I still kept contact with her through text messages, phone calls and chats.

Girl: After college, we went our separate ways but we still kept contact with texts. And then, recently, he started asking if we could meet. Oh, I know why he wanted to meet. So, I kept denying and telling all sorts of reasons we couldn’t.

Boy: I couldn’t seem to get her off my head. I knew a girl like her would never like a boy like me. So, I had to meet her, get the feelings off my chest by telling her. I didn’t care for the rejection anymore. Maybe it would help me forget her easily. So, I kept asking her if we could meet, but being a busy person as she was, she never had the time.

Girl: Now, I had had enough of it. I couldn’t think of excuses every day. So, I thought why not amuse myself. I’d listen to his little speech about how he loves me (like many boys have told me) and I’ll give him a straight answer.

Boy: At last, one day she agreed to meet me. That was enough to bring a smile to my face for the whole day. She agreed on Saturday. My plan was simple. Take her to lunch. And after lunch, tell her how I feel about her.

Girl: It was Saturday. And we met. He took me to a restaurant. I thought: hey, he’s going to have a heartbreak soon; better not waste his money too. So, I ordered very little. That and I wanted to finish this as soon as possible.

Boy: She mostly would order lots of food but today she ordered little. The whole time we talked, I kept looking into her eyes, trying to find that one trace of love or affection she could have had for me.

Girl: He was giving me those creepy looks again. He even started staring. This time I avoided the fact. It seemed like he was searching for dust particles in my eyes. The creep.

Boy: I searched long and hard but couldn’t find it. After lunch while we left the restaurant, I said “Sneha… I want to tell you something.”

Girl: Yes and here it was. He was going to say it. I felt sorry for the boy for once. He was nice to me the whole day and it really looked like he loved me. But what is to be done needs to be done. “WHAT?” I inquired.

Boy: And it was then I realized that she would never love me at all. She wasn’t worth it and telling her that I love her would get me nowhere except becoming the laughing stock of all my college friends.

Girl: He stood there… STILL… Poor guy. So much effort all wasted just to hear a NO.

Boy: I said-“Let’s not be friends anymore”.

Girl: Ah yes. The famous “I don’t wanna be friends anymore. I want to be more than friends” line. Classic Boys.

Boy: “Will you do me a favour?”

Girl: “Yes?”… This was taking a lot of time. C’mon. Hurry it up.

Boy: “I don’t want to see you again. Let’s become complete strangers. Don’t ever…..”

Girl: “What?”… Huh? What was he saying?

Boy: Yes I was about to tell her how I really felt. “Let me finish…. Don’t ever call me again and I will do the same. Thank you for the wonderful lunch and those wonderful memories.”

Girl: And he left!!!! I stood there in awe… What was that? What did he say again?

Boy: As I walked away, I felt empowered. The hollowness inside my chest was slowly starting to fill up again… It felt like I had my heart back. And that is the time I knew I would get over her and I was ready to start again.

Girl: He really did it. We were not even in a relationship and I felt like I had just been dumped. I started to wonder what I would have said if he had told me he loved me. It was almost the same speech. As he walked away, I couldn’t move. I just sat there looking at him.

Boy: I turned back just to have a final look at the girl I once loved. She was standing there looking at me. And then she started staring at me with a creepy face. Strange.

Girl: He looked back after he crossed the road. For the first time I looked into his eyes and tried to understand him. But before I could do that, he was long gone.


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