Yes, I do have friends. Many friends. What society defines as friends that is. But when I count the number of people I believe in (excluding my family), there are but only a few. And some of them don’t even physically exist in my real life. And may be all this is my fault.

    May be It’s that I expect more from the world than it has to offer. When I was growing up, they always explained friendship and love in such purity that I’ve set my standards too high for anyone to reach.

    Do you know, then, how I feel for the people that society defines as my friends? It’s not like that I do not try to raise their standards by changing my thoughts about them. But everytime I do that, they give me a reason not to. A reason which drives me to believe that the world literally has only a few good people left in it.

    Or may be it’s because I try too hard. I try to get close to the person so fast that it irritates them. This problem’s mostly with girls. I don’t know why but even when you approach them with a friendly feeling, they start thinking you’re nice to them for sex or something like that. Is it so wrong to ask a girl only for platonic love?

    Or is it that im too different from these people. From what I see, they only care for company. They don’t care if the company cares for them or not. They don’t mind the false friendship and will always choose it over lonliness. But why is it that I’d rather stay lonely than have a bunch of friends who don’t even care?

    But, then I look at the people who do care. The people who’ve broken the bar of standards I had held so high. And they give me a reason to stay happy. A reason to smile from the heart.They give me HOPE. And that is all I need. And it is then that I realize that the standard for friends that I hold isn’t high at all. It’s just that you can have only a few people who really care about you. And all I end up saying is “Yes, I have friends and they’re the best people in the world for me. They may be few but who cares? as long as they care. ” :)


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