Loss Of Innocence

The innocence that I saw in her eyes
Has faded away as the time flies.
The innocence that I loved in her, is no more;
It has been taken over by pride so sore.

And her hair, her face, her smile, her breast,
Her hands, her legs and all the rest
Are all the same as they were before.
And yet I feel her beauty has gone out the door.

Because her beauty has been eaten away by pride.
And the innocence that I loved has been left behind.
What was once a beautiful smile now seems like a grin.
What seemed like snowy heaven, is now just bloodless skin.

And when you look at her once she seems the same;
But when you gaze into her eyes, you feel the change.
Because her eyes have lost that wonderful spark;
Which used to mesmerize me, even in the dark.

And the one who gives herself to a stranger (You may rebuke)
To me, is no less than a slut, a whore, a prostitute
For shortened pleasures that slowly taint the soul
Bringing up pride combined with guilt and more

And Yes! These are just words I say to myself
Trying to build up disgust (a method of self-help)
Because in the end I cant deny that I have feelings still
I am, but still a human, and so I feel

And although I do not demand virginity
I do need a sense of purity
For I’ll wait for her till the day we’re one
Even if it takes an eternity


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