Yes.That small amount of time when you hide yourself form the rest of the world and hold someone who cares for you. That moment of time when you feel special; when you feel that you’re not alone. It is a great feeling of assurance, like saying symbolically -“Nothing bad will happen to you because I am here for you.”

The special thing about a hug is that it can be from anyone, and anywhere. You don’t need a time or place to hug someone. It’s a great way to say I care for you. And that’s not all. A hug can be for all occasions including happy hugs to sad hugs, lonely hugs to group hugs, lover hugs to friend hugs, a casual hug to a tight hug, a congratulatory hug to a remorseful one, and many more. There’s a hug for everything.

But we have lost its value these days, haven’t we? Just think about the last time you hugged someone close just to show you care. When was it last that you held someone tight between your arms as they held you between theirs. And I’m not talking about virtual hugs on the internet. What I mean is a real life physical hug.

So, why don’t you get up, go to someone you care about, extend your arms and hug them. You don’t need a reason to hug them, do you? You will feel good. Trust me. :)


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