My Drunken Angel

She descended from the skies with elegance and grace
My beautiful angel; with golden wings and a silver dress
She was as pure as the light shining behind her; bright
And the whole world glowed as she stepped on earth that night

The devil heard the news that an angel had been set free
And he devised a plan very evil; as we will all agree
He disguised himself perfectly as a handsome young man
And hypnotized her as a part of his very evil plan

He took her by the hand and gazed into her eyes
And he charmed her up with a million lies
She believed in him without spending time to think
And then she accompanied him to his house for a drink

It was then he pulled out his sword; long and thin
And he cut her clothes and he bared her skin
He gave his evil laugh and went within
And it was then that he committed the unlawful sin

He quickly dressed and ran out the door
And she lay there lifeless on the floor
With her wings cut off and her body bare
With scars and wounds and messed up hair

And there lay My Drunken Angel in her own blood
Banished. Never to return to the heavens above
And then she coughed up her final breath
And took rest in the heavenly bed


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