My Last Resort

I’ve been in love with you for a very long time. And, people think too much when they are in love. At least I do. I imagine too. And you don’t know the power of imagination. I imagine that everything will be alright and that my love for you has won its test. Do you know why? Its because – over the time that I’ve been in love with you, I’ve imagined a virtual world for myself where you love me too (secretly of course) and that you can’t express the love you have for me because of many reasons.

One being that you are already in a good relationship and you do not want to lose what you have and try to start a new one with me. You fear that you may end up with nothing at all. That strengthens my love for you and I end up promising myself that I’d never hurt you. Wow! A promise made to myself to protect a girl who doesn’t even want to be with me. Now, isn’t that strange?

Now, that’s not enough. There are lots of other reasons in my virtual world why you believe you can’t express your love for me. They range from the caste differences we have to You not wanting to hurt me. And the funny thing is that I’ve completely made up this thought that you secretly love me but can’t really express it. Even when you’re irritated or angry with me, I imagine that its all the secrecy killing you inside.

But now I feel that I need to grow up. I’ve realized that no matter how much I live in this imaginary world of mine, It won’t change reality. The reality that you’ll never be mine. So, I want to ask you a big favor. A burst of my imaginary bubble, if you will. I want you to stare into my eyes and tell me truthfully that you never were and that you never will be in love with me. I want you to tell me that I have no chance of being with youeven if you were single. Even if I was the last man on earth.

You know, I’ve always believed that you lose love for someone when you lose respect for that person. But I don’t think I’ll ever lose my respect for you and so I will never stop loving you. So, I want a new way. A heartbreak. I want you to break my heart so bad that I’d start hating you. You always told me that you considered me aa friend. Just tell me truthfully that you never loved me and you never will. Please do this favor for me as a friend. PLEASE


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