Road Of Life

Imagine the road of life where you think success is the road ahead. How much are you willing to run?

I walk this barren road; I walk this road alone
The same road I’ve been walking, from the day I was born
I look front there’s no-one, I look back; the same
I walk alone in this road, and I’m the one to blame

I remember when I was young, this road was full of folks
With all their pleasant voices; with all their pleasing talks
But my curious mind got the better of me, and I say this with a sigh
My family and all my friends, all of them I passed by

I didn’t stop because I wanted to see, where the road would end
And now I’m stuck here all alone, with not even a single friend
And I regret every second I ran, and all that being said
I worry about only one thing, of which i am really afraid

The road seems to go on, and on and on and on
And as I said I’ve been walking from the very day I was born
I am afraid of this very road; I’m afraid it will never end
And I might just be stranded here, with not a single friend

And I can’t even go back, all I can do is wait
But it seems so true (its obvious) that I am very late
I should have waited earlier; may be the garden I walked through
Admiring the great beauties, Admiring all of nature’s views

The people I knew earlier must’ve stopped by that park
And I regret walking for 20 years, through light and through dark
They must be enjoying without me; they must be having fun
And I regret each second I ran, by moon and by sun

And I don’t know what to do. Should I just move ahead?
Or should I just keep waiting for my friends to come instead.
And now when I see this road, I realize one thing is true –
Life is not about reaching the end, Its about the journey you go through


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