Why not?

Yes, I admit it. I can hide it no longer. Right now, I do not have the strength to keep it a secret anymore; nor does it matter to anyone.

I am in love with you. But not the kind of love the world describes; but it’s love nonetheless. I feel for you and am happy when you’re happy. But here’s the catch. I do not lust to your beauty as i have with my encounters with other women. You are one of the most beautiful of people I have ever met, and yet, the feeling of physical lust does not arouse me when I am with you. Yes, I love you still; for I cannot stop thinking about you. Even a single moment I spent with you stays in my thoughts for hours, days even weeks. I know that you love somebody else, but isn’t there a chance you can love me the same way as I love you? I’m not looking for a girlfriend, I’m not looking for sex, and I’m not looking for a lover. I’m just looking for a person who loves me just for me. May be that is what they call Platonic Love. yes, that’s it. I platonic love you. Can you platonic love me too? I don’t know how the world would define this type of relationship. I even don’t know how I would define I but I still want it to happen.


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