Snippets of poetry I write..


Because it is always in a human to err

And in that aspect, we do not differ

A perfect life would be a life of waste

What are we but students of mistakes?


The world is a better place because of miseries

As they make you realize how good it feels to be happy

My eyes have grown numb; because of the tears

And with each shed, I see the world a little more clearly


She tells me how she talks to jerks everyday

And brags about being good at forcing a smile

But then I remember her talking to me that way

When she was smiling at me all the while


My crush crushed my crush for her

When she said what was to be left unsaid

I was happy living in my imagination

But her remarks left my dreams all dead


You can never break a broken heart

Because it’s already broken from the start

The pieces themselves have broken too

And each small piece will always love you


I took a sword in hand

And went to kill all the beasts I see

But I fell at my very first step

For the largest beast was well within me


I’m stretching a rubber band to see when it breaks

I’m just walking an unknown road to see where it takes


There are questions; burried deep in my heart

And they are the things tearing me apart

For I do not know the answer to any of these

And they haunt me every morning and eve


I’m not here today to settle a score

But I need a heartbreak to study more

So, why don’t you come and make me smart

Come on over and just break my heart

Don’t worry; although it sounds scary

The heartbreak condition is temporary

After exams there will be no blood stains

Coz I’ll join my heart back and love you again


You may shatter my heart and break my bones

But you will never kill the beliefs I have inside

You may hit me with knives and throw heavy stones

But you will never change the rules by which I abide


And I have tried all my best

To stand there staring at your breasts

Turn you into a symbol of physical desire

Look beyond your eyes; at your attire

But all my attempts have gone in vain

And the thoughts are making me insane

For i know however much I try

I will never be able to look below your eyes


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