You broke my heart by refusal
May be, I’ll cry for a month or two
But then I’ll realize I don’t need you
And then I’ll find someone new

But I tell you this, Its a fact
You won’t find anyone better than me
Who loves you more than himself
even if you search an eternity

But I’m still waiting for you
Because I have those feelings still
I see us more than friends
And I hope someday you will

But I cannot wait forever
For love untreated passes on
I still want you to be mine though
Try to understand my emotions

And like I have said a million times
I love you so much my dear
I know that you love me too
Dont hold back your love because of fear

Maybe you’re waiting for someone
A prince charming from up above
But trust me when I tell you this
You won’t find a purer love


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