And they call me a retard

They see me looking
Looking blankly towards the window
And they think I’m pausing
To calculate what I have heard
Some even laugh it off
Just to hide their own misery
Behind the fake shouts of laughter
That signal a cry for help
What they don’t realize is
That I’m looking far beyond
What the eyes can see
I am looking at infinity
A place where I can be
whatever I want to be
And see things both real
And imaginary

They hear me talking
And they tell me
That they do not understand what I say
And thus they judge me to be a madman
Who cannot speak the common tongue
What they don’t see
Is that I reason
And reason itself is a tongue I’d speak
Even if my tongue was cut off
Because its the only tongue that feels like my own

They see me riding
Riding a bicycle when
I was offered a motorbike
And they laugh
They tell me I made a bad choice
What they don’t see is how
I love riding a bicycle more
That feel of my childhood breeze
Slowly brushing against my sweaty skin
feels like heaven

They look at me
And they call me retarded
I look at them
And I smile back
Because I’m better left of being thought
As retarded as they can think me to be
For I don’t seek admiration
especially from people who cant understand me


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