The Eternal Dance

For the most of his life
he danced
To a completely silent tune
And he danced
To a tune with no music
To a song with no lyrics
And he danced all day and night

The dance expressed a song
A very happy song
And the way he moved
The way he danced
It showed that he knew
the song very well

But he didn’t remember
how the tune went
he didn’t remember
what the melody was
But when you see him dance
again and again
You would see that his timing
was flawless

A lady once saw him dance
as she slowly passed him by
And what others saw
as a madman moving
She saw in him a man
who moved to and fro
to keep something from dying away

She stood there for a while
watching him dance
And she asked him softly
what he was dancing to.
And all of a sudden
the movements stopped
and it felt like
the world around him
had somehow halted

He looked into her curious eyes
And pondered long
as if he could not decide
whether to tell her or not

or was he just wondering
if she really cared or
if she was just another passer by
looking for an excuse
to laugh
at a person whom the world thought mad

And somehow as he gazed
into her innocent eyes
He felt the need to tell her
everything about himself
And thus he explained
about his mysterious dance

He explained how a girl
always used to sing a song
A song which had no words
But was still his favourite song
And it was that girl who
taught him to dance to the tune
She taught him well and he danced
everytime she sang the tune
He explained how the tune was
Very fast and catchy.
And how the dance was perfect
for the tune that the girl sang

But one day the girl
She left him and went her way
He explained how he kept waiting
And dancing day by day
He couldn’t sing well
So, he didn’t sing the tune
But he knew the dance by heart
So he kept dancing along

He the explained how
How he knows only to dance
to a song with no lyrics
to a tune with no music
how he became a man
who danced in perfection
to a completely silent song

And while he was telling her
the story of his dance
he noticed tears falling
from her beautiful eyes
and he smiled at her and told her
not to shed the tears
for he was still as happy
with the gift he’d got from the girl
Who taught a man with no talent
how to dance

Then she slowly brushed her eyes
And slowly opened her mouth
And she offered to make a tune
a tune
which would go with the dance
a tune which would give meaning
to a dance which carried little
or maybe none

He wondered how she
would put up a tune
for what he danced to was silence
and making a music
for silence
he considered it impossible
But still he wanted to see
How the girl would make melody
of silence

He agreed and started to dance
The lady pulled out a flute
and started to observe
Every step he made
every jump he took
Every place he turned
and every move he made

And after a little while
A melody came from the flute
A slow tune
which shocked him
but yet he continued to dance
for the tune fit his dance perfectly
Every step, every jump
every turn and every move

The tune was completely different
from the one
the girl used to sing
This tune was slow
and carried with itself
a feeling of melancholy
a feeling of remembrance

He danced on..
Astonished how two songs
with different tunes
with different feelings
could have the same dance
and how a single dance
could mean two different things
for two people

He danced on..
knowing that
although the tune was different
and the girl was different
the song still had no lyrics
and that his dance
had more meaning in this song
than it had in the last one.


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