maybe a kiss

He leaned forwards towards her
He leaned halfway through
Halfway. Maybe to send a signal
For her to lean the other half
But she remained still
As still as a rock
Maybe because she was scared
or maybe because she was shocked
But whatever it may have been
Her motionless body said it all
And all that was to be said

She looked into his eyes
And they looked at her, staring
Those eyes filled with expectations
And innocence
And she wondered how
A pair of eyes could express both at once
And as she stared into his eyes
She found her body leaning forward
Towards the guy who loved her so
Towards a guy she didn’t love

And she leaned
And as she did
All she could see was the guy’s eyes
That somehow kept drawing her closer
closer and closer to him
And his lips lay there
just waiting
As if it was telling her
“Trust me”

And then there came a moment
When her lips virtually touched his
if not physically
Her lips started to shiver
As if they had become frozen
Numb and yet with feelings
Her eyes filled with fear

He saw her shivering
Maybe it was the excitement of the moment
or maybe was it that she was scared
Maybe she feared that
the penetration of one pair of lips
may lead to the penetration of the other
He could feel her shivering
on his lips even though
they were not touching her’s

She mustered up the courage
And made the final leap
He retreated
“Not now” He said
She laid there shocked
“Why?” she asked

“Because you’re not ready”
And he went out the door


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