Lies within the truth

I haven’t seen you laugh
Nor have I heard you cry
But these statements although facts
Carry with them enormous lies

For I have heard you chuckle and laugh,
and even giggle when I’m not in the room
And yet it is with sadness that I say
that I’ve never seen your face bloom

And yet I’ve still seen silent tears
rolling down from your chubby cheeks
As they silently flow towards destiny
As a sea, a river always seeks

Oh! How I wish you’d smile for me
No matter how short that may be
How I wish my existence would last
To behold that moment of beauty

And How I wish you’d cry out loud
Instead of just hiding what you feel
Because I can see you’re sad within
With those silent tears flowing still

And I have never seen you laugh
Nor have I ever heard you cry
And these statements although facts
Hide within themselves enormous lies



  1. When I read this, I can feel the sadness where we want to see someone we love to be happy and smile because of us but its like a wish didn’t come true .. (hope I’m not wrong lol)

    1. Almost completely right :)

  2. nice one, it seems that you’ve experienced this pj

    1. I have ,,
      to a high extent
      really kills you inside

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