I ponder upon to the feeling
Of the day I lay on my deathbed
If I would think much fondly
of how I had lived my life

Would I be proud?
Of the achievements I’d made
may it be small or big
that made my life carry a meaning of its own

Or would I feel regret?
because of the opportunities I missed
wondering of the many things I could have done
but never did

or would I feel Happy
that I had lived a life
By my rules and principles
By my choice And my choice alone

But of all the things
I do know one thing..
I will be sad
because No matter how much I would have lived..
I know deep within that
I would never lose the desire to live
And that’s enough to bring a smile to my face


One comment

  1. Quite love the sentiment in the poem.

Its nice to share what you think of what you read

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