I didn’t tell her that I loved her;
And she didn’t tell me that she did too.
But deep down we both knew-
That we loved each other very much

I couldn’t tell her because –
From experience I had come to know
That you may feel that a girl loves you,
When she’s actually just being friendly.
And telling a friend that you love her
(A girl who didn’t love you back)
would always end in disaster.

I didn’t know why she didn’t tell me
Maybe because she didn’t feel the way I did
But somehow I felt – it was impossible.
For the spark that I saw in her eyes
Could not be anything else than love itself

Maybe she was shy, as many women are
With the false perception that only guys should tell
what they really feel inside.
I do not really understand, how sex is involved in this
Because I was raised to see a society
Where men and women are equal
and women are given a higher ground to stand on.

Whatever may be the reason for her silence,
I know I am as guilty as her
for I do not speak too; I’m as silent as her
So, I fear the day
The day I will not be able to hold my emotions
And finally crack
Or maybe I’m waiting for that day to come
and maybe she is too.



  1. Nice one .. I’m sure everyone been in this situation before .. sometimes need to be brave to tell the truth, maybe you will get a YES or a NO but if YES, both of you will be happy .. but if NO, its hurt, well at least you know the truth and won’t keep wondering how she/he feels .. it take time to heal but in the same time, it teach us that we won’t get everything we want .. but don’t give up on love because one day, when the right time comes, you will fall in love without you notice about it and at that time, you will laugh and smile when you remember your past :) ( sorry about the long comments lol )

    1. I like long comments :)

  2. It’s amazing how fear of failure makes us hold our tongue…I suspect the better term would be anxiety since you’re frighten of the unknown.

    1. AH! We’re frightened because we have something to lose ..
      something we hold dear

      in this case… someone

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