I need to stop writing

I need to stop writing
At least someone thinks so.
And she wants it to be soon
For reasons I don’t know.

Maybe she hasn’t understood
What writing is for me.
Maybe she doesn’t really know
How it makes me feel free

Maybe she sees my writings as
A tool I use to mock her.
But I don’t write to hurt anyone
Don’t take me for a stalker

I write to express feelings
Those that I feel inside
Because I’m not that strong enough
To just shove those feelings aside

I write to relieve myself
Of all the anger that I posses
And I write to feel happy again
Away from all the stress

And I wonder if I would live
If I stopped writing completely
I wonder if I would be the same
or it would drastically change me

I write of love and life
And of the loneliest of roads
And if I stopped writing
I think I might implode

But I need to stop writing
As this is her wish for me
I need to stop writing
For reasons I can’t see

I need to stop writing
Just because she tells me to
I’ll try to stop writing
Even if it breaks me through

But I ask her this
A question that is fair
Why does she want me to quit?
Does she even care?

Is it because she’s angry?
At something that I did
Or is it because, around her
I’m a completely overgrown kid?

Whatever may be the case
There is no use of this fighting
If she asks me with the right words
I’ll really give up writing



  1. Ah…seems like too much of a compromise to me…but to each their own.

    1. What do you suggest then?

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