And I ran

And I ran
From all my problems.
For I did not know how to solve them,
And I was too scared to face them.
For I was confused
and puzzled –
at a world full of people
who stuck to me
Only when they needed me.

An I started to notice
When I had run away
That I liked it,
I liked it a lot.
For running away from my problems
Meant that I had to put no effort.
The effort put in on resolving fear
Or the effort to solve the problems.
I was free from societal chains
I was my own king.

And as I ran
I looked back
Hoping to see my troubles disappear
But with troubles, I saw
Disappearing were my loved ones.
In a way, I saw myself
running away from people
who I really loved and cherished.
The people I held close to my heart.

And so I ran
Ran back to my problems
Ran back to my loved ones.
For fighting the problems
Didn’t seem worthless now.
I found myself attached to chains
Of my own earthly desires.
I have become a slave
A slave of myself.
And I have started
To hate my master.


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