Spare a few

“Could you spare
a few Rupees?”
asked the man
As he looked at me
with hopeful eyes,
which somewhat resembled
to that of my dog
When he asked for food.

I looked at the man
From the top to his legs
He was dressed in rags
exposing his skinny body
at many places
But those tears seemed
like they were intentional
maybe from someone
or even by himself

I reached for my pocket
to take out a few coins
I was going to spend
buying chocolates.
I looked into his eyes again
and I saw them sparkle.
“I don’t have money on me”
I said.
I wasn’t going to be fooled again.



  1. Those who need charity often do not receive because of those who take advantage of others generosity…so sad.

    1. You even start to doubt the innocent because of what the cheats do to you

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