Oh my lord
I have come so far
to learn from you
and acquire the knowledge
of politics in friendship.
Or modern friendship
as they call it.
You see
I am an amatuer
And know only friendship
in the purest form.
Please remove this innocence
For I want it no more.

Please teach me
how to fill my heart
with lust and greed,
so that I may know
the art of backstabbing
a friend who has been
always loyal to me;
just so that I could
lay my hands on
false appraisal
and temporary wealth

Please teach me
how to be cunning
wicked and deceptive
so that I may plot,
devise plans and schemes
that will cause great harm
to friends around me
just so I can absorb
a little benefit
for myself

Please teach me
How to tell a lie
with steady lips
and blank eyes
so that I may
keep alliances
even with my enemies.
And also,
so that I may get away
from having blamed
for my wrong doings

But before that
Please teach me
how to doubt every man
close to me,
so that I may
be able to identify
who my enemies are
(and even form new ones).
So that I may be
able to see my brother
as an enemy in my eyes

Please teach me
How to plant hatred
in every muscle of my heart.
So that I may
understand the small mistakes
of my friends
to be offensive and crude.
And to silently
keep them in my heart
forming a poison
waiting to come out.

Please teach me
How to sell my soul
with honor and pride
so that I may
be able to do things
which are against my morals;
that too with my head
held up high
to show the world
that I have done good
and thus, be proud.

Please teach me
how to fill my heart
with jealousy and envy
So that I may
carry with myself
false hatred
towards good men.
Please teach me
how to feel sad
for a friend’s accomplishment
just because
He’s better than me.

Also my lord,
(And this is important)
Please teach me
the sacred art
“ass kissing”
as they call it these days.
So that I may betray
one for another
just for small advantages
that would do me
no good nor bad.

Please teach me all
All that is my lord
the new definition
of friendship
put upon this world;
as I have seen
The world show me.
I want to be
innocent No more.



  1. How sad that such lessons must be learned these days.:-(

    1. sad that the world has come to this

  2. I’m speechless lol ..don’t know what to comment but for sure, it’s different from the other friendship poem I’ve read .. :)

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