Stay Away

be Careful of the people
Who treat you like a tool;
Who keep you near
When they need you;
Call you a freind
And flatter you.
But move away the second
They find something better.

Be careful of people
who’ll make you believe
that they actually
consider you friends;
But aren’t there
when you need them to be.
But always find you
when they need you.

Do not be fooled,
for their behaviour
is just like that
of your closest friends
They’ll give you a hard time
Just like your best friends would
The difference is
Your best friends do it to joke
While they do to feed their hunger.

And when you have the revealation
And find out what they’re up to
They pretend not to know
that their secret is no more
They pretend that they
Had always been good to you
or is it that they are
just lying to themselves.

And when you find such people
You’re better off at a distance
Better off assuming
that they never existed
Although Leaving may be hard
You have to try because:
Better the memory of a good friend
Than a bloody backstabber.




  1. So true..beautifully put :)

    1. Thank you
      I learnt it the hard way

  2. It hit the spot … it’s great :)

  3. Indeed good advice.

  4. Rather cynical, but realistic. Excellent post—am re-blogging!

  5. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    A little cynical…but who hasn’t been there after one or two times ’round the block? —Jonathan Caswell

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