And I just stood there and watched her die.
Staring at the girl who had made me cry.
With patience I looked into her eyes,
And waited slowly, as each second passed by.

And I stood there, with a knife in hand,
Knowing that no one  would really understand.
And I seemed to be eagerly counting score –
Of each drop of blood that touched the floor.

I remembered her last words so fine and well.
They were Words of regrets; you could easily tell.
How do you believe someone when they tell you –
after they’ve done so much, “I didn’t mean to”?

And even when they look for a way to repent
That doesn’t mean there’ll be no punishment
There’s still that anger that you need to vent
A payback (you may say) for all the torment

I remember fondly how I slit her slender wrists
How she struggled hard with her feet and fists
And I struggled too, with my sharpened blade
Struggled hard until the deep cut was made

I remember her crying, I remember her scream
I remember her face like it a wonderful dream
I remember her eyes; they were filled with fear
I remember counting each drop of tear

And I stood still as she clutched my leg
Paid no attention though I could hear her beg
Why would I want to take her to medical care
Some people are so insane these days, I swear

Didn’t she understand that if I saved her now
It’d be like hitting my own  head on a plough
I’d be in trouble if she lived to tell the tale
I’d suffer some heavy discipline, maybe even jail

So, thinking it through I had taken her far
To a deserted cabin under the north star
And I left her there, dying on the floor
Showed myself out and slowly closed the door




  1. Oh such a tale of revenge in these lines and how how such acts are rationalized.

  2. beautifully written… dare one ask what had ‘she’ done to u ;)

    1. One may dare to imagine as well
      What would it be that once could do to receive such a fate?

      1. I think everyone has a diff sized fuse… do u mind if i publish it on my blog?

        1. You can reblog it as much as it you want :)

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