Small Talk

You Don’t know me that well;
Nor do I know you.
But the situation has become so –
That we should be near each other
For some period of time.
You and me – we start to talk.
Better an awkward conversation
Than awkward silence, I guess.

We formally exchange greetings
And I ask about your life.
You tell me that your life is great;
Although I see a lot of worries
Written all over your face.
You ask the same
And my answer wouldn’t be any different
Although we both know that –
we’re deeply troubled people.

I try to think of a topic we can talk on;
Assuming that you’re doing the same.
I think of one , and present it for evaluation.
You’re in disagreement.
And I start hoping that you’d be great at discussing
But like most of the times, I got my hopes high.
You bring up something funny;
I point out the irony in that.
You turn it into something of a metaphorical wit,
Followed by a little sarcasm on my part.

But now I’m bored.
And by the looks of it, so are you.
There follows awkward silences
I take out my phone and look at the time –
Maybe to show that I’m late or busy;
Or maybe because I don’t want to stand idle.
I hear someone’s voice behind me –
It sounds familiar.
I turn back to check if Its a friend..
And yet again, my hopes are higher than reality.

And the awkward conversation continues..
Until one of us finds something better to do..
While the other is left stranded with another similar situation;
Unless he finds a way to escape.


One comment

  1. Ah…this does sound familiar…well capture situation.

Its nice to share what you think of what you read

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