Blame (Free Verse)

C’mon everyone.
Let us look at the problem;
Laugh at it;
Maybe take a closer look.
Squint your eyes a little –
Maybe you can see it
A little clearer that way.

And now that we’ve seen it,
Analysed the cause,
And studied it through,
It is now time to assign blame.
No.. No.. No..
Why should we find a solution for it?
It’s what they expect of us.
Blaming is easy and much more fun.

Now, let’s see what went wrong, shall we?
Ah yes! here it is. It was all his fault.
What? It wasn’t? Who cares?
All we need is a escape goat.
Just so that others (like me)
Don’t start pointing their fingers at me.
Others do the same thing, don’t they?
Why should I have a sense of morality?

No.. No.. No..
A solution will not do.
It will not do at all.
Just look at the big picture.
If we find a solution,
They will no longer need us
And we will be unemployed.
So, The perfect solution is –


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