Parents Beating their Children

Let me start by saying that I got beat up a lot when I was younger. May it be from my mother or my father, with a ladle or with hands, my life is strongly influenced by those part of my life where my parents beat me up. Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not complaining. I’m actually one of those who believe in the saying – “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. What I say here is from personal experience and is open to any further discussion as long as it is logical.

Here’s a statement which will prove itself true in the future.

I will beat my children if they deserve it.

Now, who am I to say if they deserve it or not, you ask? Well.. I’m their father. And just like my father, I will also know when beating me for my mistakes was appropriate, and when a simple talk is enough.

I’ve seen many liberal parents who turn their heads to their children’s mistakes. Just explaining to them what they did wrong, and hoping they wouldn’t do it again. And they DO make the mistakes again (commonly). From what I see, a child doesn’t learn from words alone until he/she hasn’t developed a good sense of what’s wrong and what’s right; a sense of understanding between the DOs and the DONTs of life. Sometimes just “sending children to their room” or “Talking about what they did” is not enough. From what I see, that drives them to a condition we commonly call “spoiled”.

I’m not talking about beating your children silly just because you go mad or drunk enough to lose your mind. A child should be able to know that he/she was hurt because she did what she wasn’t supposed to do. Now, I do not question children’s freedom to think on their own. But burning your hand again and again doesn’t seem like a logical choice to me. I wouldn’t beat a child just because he chooses to be different. But I’d surely beat him up if he “chooses” to be stupid.

I haven’t become a parent yet. But I do agree with all the beatings I got from my parents. I believe it has made me a better man today. It has helped develop ethics in a person who is an atheist by heart. And NO. I do not fear my parents. I respect them. My father knew when a child needed a thrashing and when a talk was enough. And although I don’t know what being a parent is like, I know I will not let my children off when they deserve a nice thrashing.



  1. I agree with the beatings I got as well, I think it molded me to be a better person.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. When I was a child I was spanked and smacked upside the head when I got seriously out of line. Neither of my parents ever over-used this, but when I look back the instances they did — it made sense.

    The only thing that made me cringe whilst reading your post was using the word “beating”. I definitely don’t think a physical punishment needs to be extreme, and of course extreme physical punishment is abuse.

    And I agree, these “time outs” and “moral reasonings” with 2 year olds does not lead to well developed children.

    My only addition I would say is that everything, including punishment, should be done in love and never in anger, never in haste. A child needs to learn the limits, but learn that the love of their parents is limitless.

    1. Hmm.. seems like there could be a better term than “beating” but I couldn’t find one.
      I really loved your last paragraph :)

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