And there she was walking alone
Through the alleyway towards her home
She walked her way, lost within her mind
It was then that he grabbed her from behind

Caught in shock and awe, she couldn’t scream
And maybe she hoped that it was a bad dream
She turned back hastily, just to see a guy
And all she saw was his frightening lustful eyes

And soon she found him tearing into her dress
And she stood there- stunned, confused and helpless
Regaining self-control, she started to shout
She tried to run but stumbled about

She was shouting still, when he pulled her hair
Shut her mouth up, so no one would hear
Fearing she’d scream more, he hit her head
Dropped her on the ground, all bloody red

As she gained consciousness she found him on top
tried to crawl away with all the energy she’d got
But she was helpless- as she watched him fondle her
Her thigh grew stiff and her eyes grew blur

She yelled out a scream before she passed out
A traveling pedestrian heard her loud shout
He came running to a helpless woman’s aid
He spotted the man and below him she laid

He grabbed a pipe that lay astray beside the wall
He hit the man on the head and made him fall
He noticed her bloody, and in rags all torn
He covered her body with the coat he’d worn

As she opened her eyes later that night
The look of her savior gave her a fright
She tried to crawl away like she’d gone insane
It’d be a long while until she’d trust a man again.


One comment

  1. A most sad story in these lines.

Its nice to share what you think of what you read

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