Happy New Year

(This may seem odd to most of you but today is our New Year. You see, we Nepalis follow the Vikram Samvat Calander. You can learn more by clicking on the word links.)

I didn’t understand why people celebrated New Years. It just seemed like another day to me. I’d see everyone around me happy and rejoicing over a stupid change in date. I always used to think, “Hey, its just a change in Date”. But I’d see everyone happy. And I’m a person who tries to find reasons even in small things. So, a few years ago, I approached the New Years with a different approach. It was then that I developed a code. Each New Year, to me, would be a milestone where I look back at the things that I’ve accomplished, the things that I’ve made, and the things that I’ve lost in the whole year. That’d give me a reason to celebrate a day. A day to analyse where I am, how I am. A day to be happy with what I’ve accomplished and a day to point out my shortcomings. A day to start anew.

All these years I’d kept that to myself. Something I’d do on my own. I would spend the whole day (mostly all by myself) thinking about the past year. But a year ago, I was (luckily or unluckily) placed with company. It was then that I noticed how the perception of most people about new year was. People celebrated new year just for the sake of it. It was just an excuse for them. An excuse for a holiday.  An excuse to go out and party. The date didn’t carry any deep meaning to them. Of course,when I’d made a symbolic meaning of the new year for myself, I thought some others whom I knew would have too. But its all disappointment until now. From what I see my friends do, it has just been about going out at night, grabbing some booze and getting wasted somewhere.

But somehow, I haven’t lost hope. I still wait to meet people, people of my generation, who take the modern new year to be something symbolic. Something to be celebrated for a reason. I’m feeling optimistic this year. Hey, who knows, maybe my optimism might just pay off.




  1. Wishing you a happy new year…may what you seek be found.

    1. And a happy new year to you too

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