And the feeling becomes mutual

The roses do not wish to bloom for you,
Nor do you seem interested in giving them a smile.
You’ve torn through hundreds of their petals;
And the thorns have pricked you many-a-times.
It is not that the roses do not miss your smile,
Or that you have lost admiration for a rose’s beauty.
But, somehow, One of you has developed a sense of hatred
And the feeling becomes mutual.

A small crack in the foundations of friendship;
Caused (maybe) by understanding through wrong perceptions.
A small lie here, a bit of disappointment there;
A twisted-truth that enters the ears of a believer.
Those small random moments when you feel like stopping,
Leaving behind all that you have and hope to have.
And yet you try. Until you finally give up on the world.
And the feeling becomes mutual.

You see someone do a random act of kindness.
But instead of questioning your own soul and ethics,
you feel a sense of gratitude and you smile.
A stranger’s face lights up as he looks at yours.
OR maybe you’re a person who becomes jealous
And wear a frown for the accomplishment of others.
Whatever be the case you feel with the world.
Slowly but surely, the feeling always becomes mutual.



One comment

  1. LIke the concept of ‘mutual’ feelings from the world….or as the saying goes….”What goes around, comes around.”

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