An Idea in Exile

An idea is banished to common exile.
Just because some rich people can’t smile –
At the thought of an Idea so pure
that, time and civilization, it has endured.

An idea in exile because of the rich.
For the poor may find out which is which.
The rich may lose their evil methods of gain.
An idea… which could well enough end their reign.

An idea in exile due to old beliefs;
As the elders misunderstood the fruit it reaped.
An idea that would have borne the sweetest fruits.
An idea sent to exile to hide the truth.

An idea in exile because its books were burnt;
By some religious pigs who just eat and grunt.
An idea in exile – a chain of thought;
which would change the course of humanity’s path.

An idea in exile, tired, torn and burnt;
But soon enough, it will return –
As a spark of thought in some wise man’s head.
The idea is in exile, but it is not yet dead.



  1. Love the theme and sentiment of the poem.

    1. Thank you :)

Its nice to share what you think of what you read

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