Oh Pretty Girl

Oh! Pretty girl who lives within the trees
Why don’t you smile and come down?
It is hard to see you between the leaves
But it is clear that you’ve set a frown

Is it because the leaves are wilting away?
Is it because they’re turning brown?
Is it because the fruits seem to decay;
As you see them rotting in the ground?

Come down pretty girl, for soon the tree will be bare,
And there’ll be nothing left to hide your beauty.
Don’t let the thought of a naked tree give you a scare;
I’ll protect you my pretty girl, please come down to me.

Descend slowly pretty girl, be weary of the splinters,
Now that the tree has hard and hurtful branches.
I will be there to keep you warm for winter;
Until the seasons change and nature advances.

Repeatedly the moon will slowly wax and wane;
The sun will also routinely rise and set.
And one day the tree will sprout new leaves again
But it will not be the end of the journey yet.

I’ve thought of joining you soon up there
After the harsh winter will be finally gone
I’ll also live a pretty life next year
In the trees, you and I will live as one


One comment

  1. This is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for checking out my blog too.

Its nice to share what you think of what you read

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