The Teacher

He doesn’t know why he becomes so scared,
Even though we know – he has come prepared.
He teaches well; apart from some spelling mistakes.
He tries to improve and does all that it takes.

The last-benchers cannot hear his fading voice,
And his shouts are demeaned by the classroom noise.
The students don’t respect him; he has lost control.
His patience and endurance have taken their toll.

And whose fault is it? I think we all know.
We’re losing education. all the days that go.
Why cant we behave, listen, sit quiet and still?
Maybe we don’t understand what our teacher feels.

But hear this guys, “You know this isn’t right”;
A cornered animal puts on an unwilling fight;
An unexpected flood might make us drown;
Why can’t we co-operate? Why can’t we come around?

I mean – How much of him can we really irritate?
Before he, one day, starts to retalliate
So let’s just co-operate and show him respect
Let us study and make our classes great


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