My Love

My love, you see, if you were not occupied

There would be no reason for my love to hide

Although my love for you seems to be crystal clear

The present circumstances do not favor us, I fear

And everyday we talk to each other with a friendly face

And everyday I’m dying to disappear in your embrace

And even though in my heart, your deep love dwells

I am saddened by the fact that you’re with someone else

Have you ever felt so lively and light – as light as a feather?

Have you ever felt that you and someone should be toghether?

And yet you people are apart because of the only reason

That you didn’t get to meet her before the other person

My lady, you see, if we had met very differently

When you were single and at a relationship liberty

I just know we would have been crazy for each other

But now I’m all alone, and you’re with your lover

Well since you now know so much, you should read a little more

You should know that I’ve never felt like this about a woman before

And maybe that is the reason why I know not what I should do

Just in case you understand, I want you to know.. I love you



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