In many of the imaginary future’s of mine
I Imagine how my future wife would be
Would she be more of a Frankenstein
Or would she posses an unearthly beauty

Although its sad that when I try to picture her
Her image appears so faint in my brain
And as each day passes, her image goes blur
But I’m hoping, like me, she’ll be insane

I really don’t care how she will look like
I just know she’d have a great personality
Just talking to her would make your mind strike
Damn I over-think about my wife and me

But she’d be the woman who’d I marry one day
Share my miseries along with my little joys
She’d be the woman that I’d proudly say
I’d make love to and raise little girls and boys

She’d be a woman who with a look in my eyes
Could say what I was thinking of at the moment
she’d be the woman who’d have me mesmerized
she’d be my friend and also my opponent

Now what you read above may seem simple to you
But its more complex than you might know
I make stories about the future a lot – I do
And all of these stories; they haunt me so

Because I know somewhere deep within my heart
That I’ll never find this girl I’ve made in my head
But yet I’ll search for her till the day I fall apart
Because there’s no looking back, when you’re aiming ahead



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