ChildHood Memories: 1. Of Balls And Kidneys

When I was little, I always thought that my balls were my kidneys. When the teacher taught us she never pointed to where the organs were. And when I saw pictures of Kidneys attached to the penis, I always thought they were shown that way to enable easy labelling.
I mean there were legit reasons in thinking my balls were my kidneys weren’t there?

  • The teacher said kidneys produce urine.. My balls were close to the place I pee from.. so YEAH..
  • A kidney was a pair.. and so were my balls..
  • The kidneys lay side to side in the drawing and so did my balls
  • My balls felt a little kidney shaped.. but that’s just perception.. Maybe my mind was filling up the blanks

It was a lot later that I figured that Kidneys were something different altogether. I think I realised the difference when I saw the father of a friend of mine had stitches after a kidney transplant or something. His stitches were to the side and this made me wonder. Funny how we make assumptions from simple logic, isn’t it?




  1. OMG! This almost made me wet myself hahahahahha!

    1. Imagine how I felt when I found out the truth

      1. Relieved I hope, at least now if you need to donate a kidney you know you won’t lose a ball!

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