I’m Egyptian. I wrote this poem during Morsy’s reign. It pictures the situation before the 2011 revolution and how nothing really changed after it, which made the 2013 revolution against Morsy a necessity. Not A Coup.


Since a time not so far from now

In a distant place from their hometown

There have existed some alienated beings

In the land inhabited by hopes and dreams

Everyday there they would sit and wait

For the time to get back, for righteous fate

One day there they went strolling for a while

When along came the question : “why are you in exile ?”

They turned to him, an old looking one he was

Seem wise he did, tired, patient and curious

“We represent the immaculate dreams”, they said

“Parted from their owners : the people of Egypt”


His eyes lit up as he heard the name

On the ground…

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