During those irritating times!

We have a very irritating cultural misconception here that women can’t do certain things (like go in the kitchen, go to the temple, touch dressers and drawers) during their monthly bloody visits. The things they can’t do vary with each household but most are common in every household. Some societies take it so far that they lock the daughters away in cow sheds during their monthly cycles. Being curious as I am, I asked around for logical reasons to why this is so.

Some of the girls I asked for told me that it was a tool used to keep the “dirty” away from “pure” things. Well, come on. In this technological age we live in. Things have improved. Its not dirty anymore.
Another idea was that “its God’s will”. WOW. I even feel ashamed that humanity still worships a God(If there is one) which cannot even treat its own creations equally. I mean, it doesn’t take a smart man to understand how silly that concept is. If your God (I am an atheist as you may have noticed by now) made everything there is, why would he make women menstruate in the first place? Make them suffer for no reason? And even if he did, Why would his will include treating them like animals (in some societies) during these times.
My sister proposed that it was an excuse made by women so that they could rest during the difficult times. I agree with that opinion. But I do not agree with the idea that the rest needs to be implemented in such harsh ways.

I mean, I understand that a woman has the right to rest whenever she wants, but who gave you the right to FORCE her to rest. Who gave you the right to brainwash them from a young age making them think that it’s OK being treated as second class human beings during the difficult times. I’d rather support mothers in Africa Breast ironing their daughters. At least they do it to avoid marriage and/or pregnancy at an early age. At least, they do it so that the daughters have a chance for a good education. What you people do, it’s just sick. And I can’t believe that women are so much brainwashed into accepting it as a part of their life. I mean, you- yes you women, You deserve more than that. But for that you have to stand up for it yourself. Say no to being treated like an animal just because you’re in the middle of a natural phenomena which proves your fertility (which ironically, is very much valued in the same community). Yep, it has to be you gals. Take a stand. Say no to any bans made on you during menstruation and lets remove this stupid idea one house at a time.



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