When she cried

I could see –
lines running through her cheeks.
Those places where her makeup had worn off
And salty waters had absorbed the whitish powder.

Her face was blunt;
Her nose dripping, as she slowly
wiped the extra liquid off with her finger,
making that light sniffing sound sad people make.

Her eyes were red;
Like her dreams had all bled out.
It seemed as they had no intention of ever
Trying to dream without her master’s permission again.

And then she smiled
Trying to cover up her innocent deed.
It was like she turned her face into a mask
Just so that the others feel they’re still welcome.

I silently asked her
By rubbing my eyes and nodding my head
If she had been weeping all the time she was out
To which she quickly bobbed her head from side to side.

And although for me
Tears always seemed like a weakness
But as I saw her face light up with a smile, I knew –
She was one of the strongest person I’d ever meet.



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