Childhood memories: 2. Of Love and Sex

I never understood the concept of sex when I was a child. Whenever I saw people about to have sex on the TV (don’t worry, it was all PG stuff), I’d always think why would people want to get naked together. I mean, I found kissing disgusting and the concept of kissing a girl seemed weird. I knew getting naked was fun (in my childish kind of way of course), but I never linked to it in a fornicating type of way.
I never really questioned where children came from when I was a child and I considered getting naked together to be a social activity. And as far as my understanding went, people did this social activity more often when they were in love.
Then came the concept of rape. For me it was weird. Why would someone get sad just because they were naked with you? I understood that they could make fun of your pee-pee. But I always thought that you had the same leverage. I mean you could make fun of their pee-pee too right? Violence in the childhood was more of a physical concept than a mental one. The only violence I saw would be the thrashing I got and I saw my brothers get from parents and teachers.
Love was a better understood and clear concept then. It wasn’t as complex as it is when we become older. For me, if you cared about someone, you loved them. Relationships weren’t complicated and words didn’t matter much. Funny how we seem to simplify things when we are a child, isn’t it?


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