The sad clown

The clown’s humor has become so frequent –
that he is never taken seriously
And when people hear him say something serious
They laugh it off as mere jokes

“I’m serious” says he, with a determined voice.
“We know” they say, as they laugh it away.
It has become so that he can now
Hide all his emotions in a joke or two.

Every deep thought of his
All those life changing philosophies
All hidden in jokes and witty remarks
It makes it easier for others to grasp

“What if your wife died? would you remarry?” he asks.
“Why would my wife die before me?” the other interrogates.
“Suppose I ran over her with a truck” he says
And the depth of the question is lost in the humor.

“Why is the earth round in shape?” someone asks
“Because gravity pulls it from all sides equally” he replies
“I was hoping for a wittier reply from you” is the response
And he feels he has let down on someone’s expectations.

“I love you. I want to be with you.” he says.
“Haha.. I love you too.. So what’s new?” she responds.
And he realises how his promise is thrown away as humor.
And thus he keeps silent; keeping everything from the world.

And as much as he loves jokes and humor,
he realises his need to be taken seriously at times
But it’s too late, its impossible for him to change.
So, he does what he has always done. He entertains.


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