I dream of you

I dream of you –
running through the treetops,
as I follow you on the vines;
swinging like Tarjan did.
But Alas! I have a loose grip
and I am not able to hold on.

I dream of you –
flying through the clouds,
as I chase after you;
flying like Superman did.
But Alas! I can’t fly; I just leap
and I am not able to jump that high.

I dream of you –
glaring at me with your eyes,
as I try my best to
cast a spell like wizards do
But Alas! My magic becomes ineffective
and yours has me completely bedazzled.

I see you –
smiling softly at me,
as I try to gather my thoughts
focusing like a student during his exams
But Alas! My mind goes completely blank
and I end up saying something really stupid



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