Cheers for a day of sadness,
that felt forever lain beside you;
Cheers for the gloomy evenings,
that worked so hard to divide you.

Cheers for the muddled smile on faces,
that forced you to look inside;
Cheers for times you felt so desperate,
that your feelings you couldn’t hide.

Cheers for all all the disappointments,
Cheers for the people who didn’t trust you;
Cheers for all those moments of regret
When you realized  they only cussed you.

Cheers for the nights of dejection,
those thoughts that made you question;
those short moments you felt so weak;
Cheers for all those awkward rejections.

Cheers for the heartaches and woe,
that made you ask yourself “why?”
Cheers for the times you held back,
when a voice inside told you to die.

Cheers for the moments when you felt down,
and you didn’t know what was wrong.
A loud cheer for all those sad moments –
All those moments that made you strong.


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